Meet IMGJ / G4000

Gert Johnsen is a Swedish Producer (IMGJ) and DJ (G4000 / げ四千 / G) currently residing on planed earth.

His productions usually explore the world music, in a learning by doing kind of manner, and usually has a funky element. His goal being to create house music that hopefully get people stomping. He is imspired by music from all over the world, which is snuck into his music in different ways. Listen to his work to the right.

Much like the Producer, the DJ is simply about awesome and interesting music, regardless the genre. And Although the red line in his sets is House Music, expect to hear high quality music through and through.

Get or listen to his music at Bandcamp (IMGJ) or Spotify (IMGJ). A more complete list of his discography is found at Discogs. Visit Mixcloud Mixcloud (G4000) to listen to any of his mixsets there.